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United Structures, Inc is a commercial general construction company serving the Central Wisconsin area.   Our team’s experience in construction has earned recognition in Varco-Pruden Buildings' North Central Region since 1990 as well as being listed as one of the top 100 Builders by Metal Construction News.  

Our experience is diverse, including warehouses, manufacturing, retail, commercial, offices, distribution, and industrial facilities.

We work for a wide range of clients with varied needs, delivering cost effective, attractive design solutions no matter the project size.  Exterior appearance, material durability, and functional use of space are hallmarks of our completed projects.

Why choose United Structures?   As your general contractor we are able to offer a smooth accelerated construction process.  The benefits of our focus on your next project include:

  • Fast Occupancy.

Our experience with the Design-Build process reduces project duration. Owners realize earlier utilization of their completed facility. The early integration of design and construction reduces the possibility of project delays.

  • Cost Control.

All projects are different.  We listen to your unique needs to determine the most cost-effective materials and construction methods before design is finalized.  This provides clear accurate costs and schedules, eliminating the possibility of expensive surprises when construction starts.

  • Customer Satisfaction.

Our friendly process of Design-Build construction has earned a reputation for consistently satisfied owners since 1990.

  • Value.

Our team focuses on putting value into the project for the duration of the facility's life, not just reducing cost on the front end.  Our experience in value engineering is built into the process from design to completion.

  • Single Source Responsibility.

            We make the construction process easy while maintaining your control               as the owner.  As your single contract we are committed to the success                 of your  project.

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